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of GAUZ "Dental clinic№1»

City dental clinic №1 Ulan-Ude, so it was called in the last century, was opened on January 03, 1961, order №1 Minister of health of the Buryat ASSR Boyanova V. R. in the building of the former medical school on Lenin street,29. This was the beginning of the organization of the dental service of the city, the beginning of the Association of all dentists, dentists and dental technicians in one place, which gave direction for the development and expansion of this important health care industry. Until that time, dental care was provided mainly by dentists on the appeal on the basis of General clinics of the city, in which there were dental offices.

The chief doctor of the city dental clinic was appointed VA Zybin, honored doctor of the Buryat ASSR, one of the talented organizers of the health of our Republic. V. A. Zybin post-graduate courses, ZNIIS, Moscow, after successfully defending his thesis in 1971. back in his clinic on the position of the chief physician, also was a dentist Ulan-Ude. His name is associated with the period of formation of our clinic and dental service in Ulan-Ude. In archival documents from 06.09.1961 g. signed by V. A. Zybin, there are orders to organize the first sanitation teams at schools in Ulan-Ude. From that time began the planned rehabilitation of schools in the city. In subsequent years, the sanitation teams began to work in all major industrial enterprises, universities, vocational schools, kindergartens and other public institutions. This is a great achievement and the chief dentist of the Ministry of health of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation and the Buryat Republic, Chevalier of the order of red banner of Labor, Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Boevoi O. M. In the order of the Minister of health of the Buryat ASSR of 06.04.1961 "On the state of dental care and measures to improve it" were clearly and clearly set out the main directions of development of the dental service. This order was the basis of the Program of further development of dental service of our city and the Republic.

At the origins of the clinic was wonderful dentists – Trizna A. G. - the gentleman of an award "Honour Sign", the excellent health of the USSR, Sosina E. A., Terentyev A. A., Bitunova K. S., Semenova A. A. subsequently they were joined by dentists, graduates from different Universities of the Soviet Union: Dyrkheeva G. S.-honored doctor of Buryat Republic, Suchkov, A. P., Alekseeva A. V., Shevchenko N. P. Romanova L. P., Baklanov N. To., Bultrikov I. M., Stepanova M. H., Erdonaev R. G., Budaev S. G., G. G. Kazankova, Bassanova C. E., And Nikiforova, L. S., Tatusko A. S., Bykovskaya O. F., M. A. Hungaria. The special merit of a dentist Dyrkheeva G. S., who was a talented teacher who trained a generation of dentists for the Republic. Biltrikova I. M. - the doctor of the highest qualification category, the gentleman of the order "Badge of Honor", many years worked as the head of Department, the Deputy chief physician. She was a student of the leading Russian stomatology Professor E. V. Borovsky..Thanks Balticovo I. M. was created the office of complex treatment of periodontal diseases and the mucous membranes of the mouth.

At that time, doctors worked on foot drills. Despite the primitive equipment, lack of medicines, tools, doctors not only performed quantitative indicators, but also achieved good quality results. This is evidenced by the surviving records of doctors.

In 1968. on the basis of one of the departments of our clinic was opened the second dental clinic in Oktyabrsky district. The organizer and chief physician was appointed Alekseeva AV - doctor of our clinic, excellent health of the USSR, a graduate of the Irkutsk medical Institute. This was one of the subsequent stages in the formation and development of the dental service of the city.

In the late 60's and early 70's in a short period of time the chief physicians worked Filippov A.V., Kiselev G. S. Filippov A.V. the work on the reconstruction of the clinic was done, the archival documents of the first overhaul were preserved.

An undeniable contribution to the development of the clinic and the dental service has made major nurses – Orlova N. A. Matushkina N. P.- excellent health of the USSR, Batorova J. S., Starostina L. - honored worker of health of the Republic of Buryatia, also nurses - Hakenova O. M., Zakharova, Z. I., And G. Kaptereva, Delcheva A. D., Bartonova E. C., Inteva G. V., Gomboeva G. D., Cherepanova, V. I., Borisenko N. And. Kononova L. A., radiographers, Ivanova A.V., Sotic E. D., Zyrianova V. Yu., Erdyneeva I. D., Shagieva L. V., dental technicians- Delcheva T. J., Nightingale, T. I., Volkova L. V.,Shcherbakov M. G., Rybakova G. And T. I. Godnic

In 1982 on the basis of children's Department of dental polyclinic №1 the City children's dental polyclinic was organized. The chief physician was appointed Markov Mi, who had previously worked as Deputy chief physician of our clinic. One of the talented organizers of health care, honored doctor of the Buryat ASSR. As Deputy chief physician Markov Mi did a great job on the organization and improvement of the material and technical base of the clinic, improvement of organizational and methodological work.

The city dental polyclinic №1 during the formation of the dental service of the city was not only a supplier of medical personnel, but also a coordination center for organizational and methodological work.

From 1979 to 1987.g. the chief doctor worked Shugaev I. V. - honored doctor of Buryat Republic and the Russian Federation, chief stomatologist of Ministry of health of the Republic of Buryatia, who did much to improve the material and technical base, growth of medical staff, expanding the network of remediation teams.

From 1987 to 2012. the chief physician was Radnaev E. O. – honored doctor of the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation, Deputy Of the people's Hural of the III convocation. During this period, a lot of work has been done to reform our service in the new conditions. The school of new management, introduction and improvement of health insurance, paid services, developed and improved regulations on pricing, remuneration. Dental clinic №1 has grown to the largest specialized institution equipped with modern dental equipment.

In the period from 1980 to 2016. worked qualified dentists Achiev S. D., and Alekseev, A. S., Bulayeva Y. R., Gomboeva S. M., Trifonova A. I., Mitupov B-H. D., sinyutina N. D., Moina V. N., Matveeva L. S., dentists - L. M. Burlakova, Dagbaeva S. B., Petrov A. V.

From 2012 to the present time the chief physician is Bagaeva Larisa Georgievna, a new stage in the development of the clinic. New technologies of dental treatment, implantation, prosthetics of teeth on implants, metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns, removable and partially removable nylon prosthesis(Acry-F,Flexi), splinting of teeth with the use of adhesive systems, professional hygiene of the oral cavity with the use of ultrasound, using Airflow,restoration of teeth with the use of components, restoration of color and shape of teeth with non-carious lesions of hard tissues of teeth with modern composites are rapidly introduced, the use of endomotor for endodontic treatment with the latest tools and materials for root canal, bleaching using diode laser. X-ray rooms equipped with modern radio sighting devices, has orthopantomograph. Centralized sterilization Department equipped with modern equipment to provide fully processed sterile instruments. In 2014. opened orthodontic office on Lenin street,29.

To date, the clinic has the structure of the therapeutic Department, orthopedic Department, dental laboratory, office paid admission, three branches: street October,43,Silikatnaya St.,6, p. Airport,7 operating rooms therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic techniques, x-ray clinics in two shifts. Today pass on their experience to young professionals such doctors, as Dorzhieva L. C., Babaev A. T., Kobrakov TS. TS., Badmaeva, S. D., Alexeeva N. C-D., Short M. N., Kubasov A. N., Alekseeva E. V., Sanzhiyeva, V. V., Sigitova N. M. Mironov V.V. Kubrakov A. C., Gomboeva N. P. Tsybalova A. A., and nurses – dagaeva N. In. Kuzmenko S. V., Bakin, T. N., Evtushenko O. V. Under the Program of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical aid all residents of the city and the Republic, as well as getting out of town dental care. There are 67 dentists in the state polyclinic, 3 of them are honored doctors of the Republic of Buryatia, 56 people are nurses, 2 of them are honored health workers of the Republic of Buryatia, 45 people are non-medical personnel.

Continuous professional development of medical workers, participation of dentists in various annual all-Russian, regional events contributes to the expansion of the capacity of the clinic to provide dental care at the level of international standards.

The clinic is implementing a quality management System to improve the quality of work performed in the provision of dental care, to ensure a successful future, creating comfortable conditions for patients.

The current generation of health workers continues the good traditions laid down by previous generations.

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