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Medical assistance to foreign citizens
GAUZ "Dental clinic №1" provides highly qualified medical care to foreign citizens in accordance with international standards.
We combine creativity, professionalism and continuity of experience in the team with advanced technologies, modern equipment and materials.
The most popular of them:

Therapeutic dentistry:

1. Aesthetic restoration of teeth.
2. Adhesive combined bridge construction by the direct method on the basis of casting metal-free structures using the "Glasman" with the subsequent restoration by nanocomposites.
3. Professional teeth cleaning with the use of ultrasonic scaler and Air Flow.
4. Restoration of teeth using composites.

Dental surgery:

1. Implantation with screw implants of KONMET system (Russia), MIS (Israel).
2. Directed regeneration of periodontal tissues with the use of blood plasma enriched with platelets and osteoplastic materials.
3. Augmentation of bone tissue to increase the height and volume of bone tissue in atrophy and after complex removals.
4. Surgical treatment with diode laser Doctor Smile (Italy).

Prosthetic dentistry:

1. Prosthetics on implants.
2. The use of thermoplastic materials in the manufacture of removable prostheses (acetal, nylon, Acri Free).
3. Rehabilitation of patients with partial or complete adentia with CONMET, MIS implants.
4. Treatment of functional disorders of the dental system.
5. Metal-free ceramics E-max

The whole system of organization of dental care is focused on guaranteed infectious safety of both staff and patients.

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